As per the Government announcement on the 23rd of march, Walmer Parish Councils Planning committee is unable to carry our function of being a consultee on Planning Applications in Walmer at present.
We will of course be monitoring this situation very closely, we are looking into virtual meetings and will update all applicants accordingly
Therefore, councillors will not be required to visit any proposed sites and Dover District Council will be your contact if you require any further information

DOV/20/00203 | T1 Beech – crown raise to three metres above footpath and cut back crown from utilities pole to give two metres clearance | 1 York And Albany Close Walmer

DOV/20/00279 | Erection of a single storey rear extension, insertion of window to ground floor side elevation and decking to rear garden (existing single storey rear extension to be demolished) | 58 Gladstone Road Walmer

DOV/20/00208 | Erection of a detached dwelling, new vehicle access, associated parking, fencing and landscaping | 93 Canada Road Walmer

DOV/20/00268 | Erection of 2no. semi detached dwellings with associated vehicular access and parking | 17 Somerset Road Walmer

DOV/20/00294 | Erection of a single storey rear extension, first floor side extension and garage conversion (existing rear conservatory to be demolished) | 4 Warwick Road Walmer

DOV/20/00300 | Erection of a single storey rear extension | Green Beeches Hawksdown Walmer

DOV/19/01451 | The erection of a car port with enclosed terrace above | 38 The Strand Walmer

DOV/20/00223 | Replacement of dormer sash window and repairs to facia of dormer window | 38 Archery Square Walmer

The decision on all planning applications is made by the District or County Council not by the Parish Council

  • In determining the Parish Council’s response, the Parish Council will notify when possible, parishioners adjacent to the applicant/s address including the applicant
  • Each Planning Application will be an agenda item on the Parish Council Meeting Agenda – nearest date to when the application is notified to the council. 
  • Any  member of the public may attend the Parish Meeting to speak about the planning agenda item.
  • In commenting on planning applications and determining a resolution, the Parish Councillors will take into account the views and comments made by parishioners together with any Material Considerations.

A material consideration is a matter that should be taken into account, in deciding a planning application or an appeal against a planning decision.(Below is a list of planning material considerations)

Download (XLSX, 11KB)

WPC Planning Leaflet

This leaflet is available to collect from Walmer Parish Council, 8 The Strand, Walmer.